Teresa Romero will style wardrobe for photo shoots, advertisements, and celebrity appearances for red carpet events.  With almost 20 years in the fashion industry, Teresa has developed an eye for trends and creativity with a keen attention for detail.  

As a Fashion Stylist Teresa Romero will perform the following duties:

-Advise clients on dynamic styling for visuals.

-Orders clothing, fabrics, accessories, makeup and more to facilitate a            wardrobe, while being mindful of client's budget.

-Coordinate with photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, and other     industry professionals in order to develop comprehensive looks for             clients.

-Develop exclusive, creative and unconventional designs and concepts.

-Organize the wardrobe and outfits designed for a photo shoot or event.

-Keep track of current, developing, and changing regional and global           trends in fashion and design.

-Maintain a relationship with publications, retailers, and wholesalers.

-Adapt to the client's own interest in color, style, and shape.

-Coordinate shooting locations.

-Facilitate any delivery of a design or product.

-Develop new factors and objectives in accordance with market trends.

-Manipulate various fashion techniques, including mixing different             fabrics, colors and textures.


Teresa Romero is quick to adapt to changes in market interests and possesses a keen understanding of the fashions that are acceptable and even expected for different types of events.


For more information regarding this service visit our Inquiries Page or call 505.948.4607 

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