• Terese Rose

Pretty in Pink

As February quickly approaches and with it, the pinks and reds of Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to show that a fun and colorful dress can be just as bridal as a white one. Valentine’s Day is all about being loved exactly as you are, and indulging in the finer things in life with the people you love, whether it is your significant other, your friends, your family, or yourself. Just as this holiday is a reminder to love ourselves as deeply as we love others, a custom dress can also be a reminder of self-love, with every detail designed to affectionately highlight the unique beauty of its wearer. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to make a wedding dress that celebrates individuality. A dress that strays from trends, conventions, and expectations, and instead embraces the idea of being fearlessly true to yourself. With a bold fuchsia skirt, soft pink bodice, details of white lace, and a rhinestone bow as the sparkling cherry on top, this dress is an ode to the beauty of self expression. It is as multidimensional as the personality that inspired it, an exciting balancing act between the dramatic and the delicate, the classic and the eccentric. Whether it’s your wedding day or Valentine’s Day, do what makes you feel like the best version of yourself— wear a dress in your favorite color, surround yourself with roses, and enjoy some cake.

Happy Valentine's month to all of you!

xo, TR

{Photography and bouquet by Carissa Simmons of Carissa and Ben Photography}

{Hair and Makeup by Noel Dalton of The Vanity Makeup Studio}

{Muse Hannah Bauer}

{Jewelry provided by Patrician Design}

{Dress by Terese Rose Designs}