• Terese Rose

Haley + Connor

Fall in Albuquerque never fails to be a work of art. The colors of everything seem to get deeper and richer, with vivid reds and oranges and yellows dancing through the green, a final burst of life before the pure white of winter settles in. There is a shift in the sunlight, as summer’s stark heat fades into a soft warmth that illuminates the whole city with a golden halo. Mist surrounds our purple mountains, trickling crisp cool air into the desert landscape. With its cottonwood-lined pathways, carefully designed gardens, elegant architecture, and acres of lavender fields, Los Poblanos is a charming venue with beauty that is only enhanced by the fall season. The spacious land was originally home to Ancestral Pueblo Indians in the 14th century, and was eventually reassembled in the 1930’s into a flourishing farm that is still operating today. Over the years, the buildings of Los Poblanos have been curated with creative talent from top to bottom. The inn and cultural center feature hand carved ceilings, doors, and mantels, with art and photography ornamenting each room. Stone walls with iron-clad windows and gates surround whimsical courtyards, providing dreamy views of the Sandia mountains. The dairy barn’s traditional and rustic appearance has been maintained on the outside, while the interior has been restored into a refined restaurant, bar, and bakery, serving delicious products made with ingredients from their organic farm.

The historic land’s thriving green gardens, vast fields, and towering trees speckled with vibrantly changing leaves were the scenic backdrop of Haley and Connor’s exquisitely romantic fall wedding. The ceremony’s details delightfully emphasized the beauty of the season, with white pumpkins nestled into the ornate table settings, an aisle laden with bright fallen petals, and antique lanterns flickering with candlelight.

Haley’s dress was a pleasure to design, it harmonized effortlessly with the landscape and wedding decor to capture the lively and sweet spirit of autumn. Embodying elements of the surrounding nature, the flowing dress is a classic white as clean and crisp as the open air, with an embroidered garden of deep red and orange flowers and leafy vines gracefully ascending a sheer overlay. Polished with delicate hand sewn details, there is lace trim adorning the neckline, waist, and open back, and rows of tiny silk buttons accenting the elegantly draped long sleeves. Haley appears to bloom out of the breathtaking scenery in the dress, its unique bursts of color complemented by the luscious reds and wines of the bouquet and floral arrangements, the embroidered vines mirrored by the overgrown greenery laced through the white archway where Haley began her walk down the aisle. Golden October sunlight beamed through the trees to cast an ethereal gleam over the ceremony, and the airy fabric of the dress glowed in the soft rays while Hayley and Connor made declarations of their love.

Happy belated one year anniversary to the sweet couple.

Photography: Blue Rose Photography

Flowers: Agave Florist

Bride's Dress: Terese Rose Designs

Makeup: Genica Lee

Hair: Carmel Lepore

Event Planning: Corazon Events

Venue: Los Poblanos