• Terese Rose


Dear Diary,

As you may have noticed there has been some changes with this little atelier, it started at the beginning of the year with a name change from Teresa Romero Atelier to Terese Rose Designs. It's been a slow moving process and will continue to trickle on throughout the remainder of this year so bear with me as this transition is made. But who is Terese Rose? She's a romantic inspired by poems and love letters, in dreams she hangs from glass chandeliers wrapped in ruffles and lace and tied together with silk ribbons.

This is Terese Rose...

A wedding dress should do more than adorn its wearer, it should be a chapter in the love story it illustrates. The dress is not merely a garment, but a symbol for the beginning of an everlasting unity. In centuries past, every wedding dress was hand-made, each one treated like a work of art, every stitch a brushstroke carefully placed to capture a portrait of the woman wearing it. Sewn by hand with craftsmanship that echoes the exquisite tradition and artful spirit of the

Victorian era, Terese Rose Designs creates one-of-a-kind bespoke dresses that illuminate the beauty and individuality of the bride and her story. Terese Rose collaborates closely with each client to turn their fairytale vision into a romantic reality, intricately constructing every delicate and unique detail to resonate with the bride’s personality. The custom designs of Terese Rose honor tradition without being limited by trends and conventions, seamlessly blending inspiration from the past and present to craft modern dresses with a history.