• Terese Rose


Dear Diary,

It's that time of year to reflect on the past and look towards the future. 2016 gave me so much to be thankful for and I am happy to reflect on this year. Here are some highlights from 2016-

Bridal Collaborations

I had the pleasure of working with a few wedding vendors to create beautiful wedding and bridal inspirations. So much work goes into these styled shoots so it was really exciting that a couple of them were even published on prestigious wedding sites such as Magnolia Rouge and Green Wedding Shoes!

Click on links to see the full set

Creative Projects

Creative projects are important to me, they give me the freedom to use my imagination and create stories. Part of designing is being able to tell stories using visual details, 2016 gave me the opportunity to step out of the bridal box and collaborate within other creatives to tell different stories. I am so incredibly grateful for the wonderful team of people who enjoy coming together just to create beautiful images and work their magic.

Thank you for being so kind, creative, and SO inspiring to me!

Lingerie Design

I consider the lingerie to be my side passion, it's secondary to wedding dresses, but I love designing lingerie equally as much! This year I was able to focus on designing more lingerie, I participated in a few local pop-up shops and markets, as well as incorporating more into my creative projects. Both were successful and the lingerie sales were up quite a bit in compared to last year.

La vie eat belle!

Wedding Dress Design + Clients

Lastly, I could not do what I do if it were not for the beautiful women I work for. I spend hours in fittings, picking laces and silks, go over trim details and sketches with these wonderful ladies; we laugh, we cry and YOU are so wonderful to work with! I feel fortunate that my day-to-day is creating a very special dress for a very special occasion, it truly is a dream come true. So, to you amazingly gorgeous and lovely ladies that I spent time with this year- THANK YOU! Thank you for choosing me to work with you, one-on-one, in such an intimate setting, it was truly an honor to be part of your special day in 2016 ♥︎


My one and only resolution for 2017 is to do the best work I can in as many creative endeavors as I can. I hope that with the new year come new ideas, new collaborations, and even more new friends. I wish you all a wonderful and Happy New Year!