• Terese Rose

Ode to Pierre Cardin's 1960's Futuristic Look

Dear Diary,

This is another one of those really fun projects where I had the opportunity to collaborate with some pretty awesome and talented people.

Inspired by the 1960's futuristic look of Pierre Cardin, I loved the idea of little Mod dresses but I wanted to play with adding a more feminine touch by making them out of textured fabrics. The limited color pallet of black and white was used to create bold contrast and define the geometric shapes used in the pieces.

This entire set was photographed by Dustin McClure Photography. Dustin used the shapes of the garments, the model's pose, and camera angles to create movement in the photos, he has an impeccable eye.

Hair stylist Santiago Romero of Project Luxe: Hair & Art whipped up not just one, but four amazing, different styles for these looks! Santiago's styling is flawless.

The absolutely lovely Alanna Garcia of Betty Rose by Alanna worked her magic on the makeup and she could not have done a better job at capturing that 1960's vibe. Alanna's bubbly personality was just the icing on the cake!

Model Erin Holmes is incredible! She played, laughed, jumped in her high heels, and use her yoga practice to bend and twist, to achieve just the right pose.

These looks could not have been complete without the shiny latex and rubber pieces designed by (my love) Jefferey Gonzales of Ammunition Couture. Jeffrey is always fun to collaborate with (not just because I happen to find him handsome), because his work is SO inspiring. It's modern and it is the perfect contrast to my vintagey-girly-inspired designs. Somehow it just works.

I am so grateful for these opportunities to step out of my bridal bubble and create just for the sake of creating. I hope you enjoy these images as much as we do!

xo, TR

Inspiration for this series- Pierre Cardin 1960's

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