• Terese Rose

My Inner Sanctuary

Dear Diary,

This past week has been filled with a range of emotions and A LOT of noise. If the campaigns leading up to the election weren't stressful enough, the outcome has only taken that stress compounded it into an icky toxicity running through the news, social media, and conversations all around me. However, there is one place I can go and to tune out the noise, escape from the outside world- my inner sanctuary.

I have a few events coming up in the next month and I'm focusing on new lingerie pieces to show at these events. The project I'm excited about is appropriately titled- Sanctuaire Intérieur, here's a little glimpse into my peaceful place...

Mood Board for Sanctuaire Intérieur

Creating a mood board is like creating a fantasy, it could be anything and can come from anywhere. It's the beginning of a story.

This story is about feeling completely peaceful, relaxed and turning inward.

I carry a little sketch book to jot down quick ideas, only messy quick sketches go in this little book. The best time for me to sketch is in the mornings when it's quiet, with a fresh cup of coffee.

Once I have an idea of the styles I want to make, I sketch more formal illustrations, working on details, fabrications and silhouettes. I like to listen to nice music like Billie Holiday or Edith Piaff when I'm sketching, music that takes me away to a different time and place.

As always, sewing the pieces together is my favorite part, sketches and ideas come to life. Ribbons, laces, and dreamy fabrics, what more could a girl ask for? The mood is usually set with a floral fragrant candle and on this particular day, it just happened to be raining. My world is now complete bliss!

This week was extra divine, I had the pleasure of hanging out with Maura Jane Photography in her beautiful studio. With our lovely model, Laura, we created a visual story of that sacred space. Filled with fresh roses, soft, white lighting and delicate lingerie, we shut out the world and created our inner sanctuary.

(Here's a little sneak peek)

Do you have an inner sanctuary and if so, what is it like? A bubble bath and wine perhaps? Leave your comments below, we all need a little relaxing, election-escapism-stress-free ideas and I'd love to hear yours.