• Terese Rose

Mood Board | Butterfly Effect

Dear Diary,

I've been inspired to do some creative projects this fall season and when I was approached by the lovely model/actor/dancer Jocelyn Montoya about pulling together a concept for a styled shoot, I said YES PLEASE?! The initial concept for Butterfly Effect started with a painting by Amy Judd. Her paintings are so incredibly beautiful, there are no real words to describe them, but I am moved by her work and continue to find it inspiring. Jocelyn is a dancer and her movement is so delicate and graceful, just like that of a butterfly, it seemed the theme was a perfect fit.

Stay tuned for the final set...

The Butterfly Effect

Close your eyes and think about that boy. Tell how he makes you feel. Let your mind trace over his tired shoulders. Allow your thoughts to linger on that beautiful smile. Take a deep breath and try to put those dark thoughts aside. For once, let go of the reins you've wrapped so tightly around your heart. I know you are scared. Who could blame you? Love is a hurricane wrapped inside a chrysalis. And you are a girl walking into a storm.

- Lang Leav

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