• Terese Rose

Behind the Scenes of a Spooky Sexy Séance

Dear Diary,

This month is filled with creative collaborations (I'll elaborate more on this later)! One of the more recent collaborations I participated in was for a dear and talented friend of mine, Crystal Sims. Crystal had a vision- a "spooky sexy" vision, of our pretty friends in lingerie having a séance and the summoning of a ghost bride. I LOVED this idea and with Halloween coming up, I couldn't resist creating a few new, black lace pieces just for the occasion (not shown here, you'll have to wait to see the final edits). We had so much fun with this shoot and the 1970's house was the perfect backdrop for this story to take place. So, while the photos are being edited, here are some of the behind the scenes of our Spooky Sexy Séance...

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