• Terese Rose

Sketch Book- Study 1

Dear Diary,

I love fashion illustrations of ALL shapes and sizes, I myself love sketching. Unfortunately, I have less time than I used to, and right now it feels too much like a luxury. Although sketching is part of the design process, they usually turn out in scribbles and pencil scratches. Developing a style is difficult for me, the voice in my head says "they're too skinny! Their heads are too big!", but I kind of like them that way... so the struggle continues.

However, with a little practice, I know I can get myself back to the pens, brushes and paints some day! My Love has been encouraging me, (lots and lots of encouragement!) to get them out there, so for now, these are a few sketches from the Gardenia Collection.

#sketchbook #study #fashionillustration