• Terese Rose

Gardenia Collection

Dear Diary,

Today I launch a new bridal lingerie collection, it's called the Gardenia Collection and this is the inspiration behind the collection...

Originally a tropical flower,

it's sweetness is intoxicating and sensual.

The delicate beauty, creamy-white petals

and graceful fragrance calls for


Inspired by the photography of Masao Yamamoto, a Japanese photographer known

for his small photographs.

These photos in particular really struck a cord with me and I used them as

the main inspiration to photograph the collection.


Behind the Scenes

Photography by Ashley Rose Hamilton Photo

Makeup by Betty Rose by Alanna

Model Melinda Walsh

Styling/Lingerie Teresa Romero Atelier


We wanted it to look a little dark without losing the feeling of femininity and romance.

A black backdrop was used to create shadows, yet capture

the softness of the lace and chiffon.


A handful of delicate styles made with fine fabrics and hand-crafted

using traditional construction techniques.

A bespoke collection, each piece is custom made to your specific measurements and is

designed to build the most exquisite trousseau for your wedding day and honeymoon.

Click HERE to check out the entire collection.

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