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Genica Lee Makeup Artist

Dear Diary,

This week my diary was taken over by Genica Lee- makeup artist and dear friend. Genica opens her heart to us, shes shares her thoughts, ideas and inspirations.


by Genica Lee

I am often asked where and how I find my inspiration for makeup and hair, and the answer is not always simple. What makes this question difficult is the fact that I am inspired on so many levels by a wide variety of people and things every day, yet this inspiration is not always connected to the world of makeup and hair (that’s right, there is more to me than glitter and fifty shades of lip-gloss). Honestly, I avoid the shallow wading pools of physical appearance because I prefer to be the little sparkly pink fish in the ocean of true beauty where I can revel in all the elements that make up a flawless (yes, I did use the word flawless) human being. These elements are subjective of course and my personal opinion but I think everyone can find beauty in at least one of the following: a kind heart, a positive soul, true compassion, unconditional love for people, witty humor and a lifestyle of gratitude. To me, these are a bazillion times more important than the perfect contour or trending shade of lipstick. Don’t get me wrong, I do incorporate the latest “Tricks, Tips and Trends” into my practice, but they are not the source of my daily motivation.

I can tell you in one thing what makes my heart explode (other than true love, tiny baby puppies, adorable old people and babies) -- AUTHENTICITY! I am inspired to my core at every encounter with a genuine soul as I witness their ability to BE EXACTLY WHO THEY ARE without masks or facades. This is how I want to live and in turn inspire others! Whether it is speaking truth, being creative in every aspect of my life, behaving in a manner that goes against the flow…I want to remain ME as much as possible! I can’t say enough about humans who live this way at any age and make no apologies for how others view them. I am not here to impress people but rather to soak up this amazing life through a little straw (pink and sparkly as you know by now) and to love as much as possible.

Now, aside from all the “beauty comes from within” talk, I will name a few of the tangible objects that inspire me this time of year. Without a second thought, the fiery New Mexico sunsets, the pale pink peony reminding me of a blushing bride, sun-kissed skin and beachy hair, and let’s not forget the addictive smell of summer rain. I am unable to drive down the street without noticing a vibrant red door, a lively orange VW bug, fuchsia and burgundy roses, happy yellow sunflowers or a big beautiful blue sky. My brain is constantly thinking, processing and planning ways to incorporate all the magic I see into my daily world of painting unique faces!

To sum it up, I am inspired by authentic people, love stories, nature, and everything that sparkles loud and bright! I love this life I have been given, and I am grateful for the lovely people, beautiful images and dreams that come and go in my world each day. I will simply urge you to “sparkle on beautiful people!” Be bright, be colorful, be plain, be striped, be patterned, be authentic, and be fantastic. Be authen-tastical!

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