• Terese Rose

The Creation of Zoe | No.27

Dear Diary,

Designing and making a wedding dress is a process, it's a process I LOVE. I don't believe there is a right or wrong way to do something creative. I believe if it comes from the heart, it can't be wrong, the process is just the story of how something is created. This is a short story of the Zoe dress, No. 27.

It all started with a concept, an idea, and a sketch. The concept is incredibly important, it's the starting point from which a dress is born.

Next is fabric research, the fabric is inspired by the dress and the dress is inspired by the fabric. Choosing just the right fabric is like choosing just the right chocolate from a chocolatier, sometimes the decadent choices make it difficult. Most of our laces are imported from France, traveling the sea to make their way to this little atelier in the desert.

Draping is like sculpting, it's where the design idea starts to leave the ink and paper behind and becomes alive. Each seam, tuck and curve is recorded into muslin; this is how the silhouette is formed.

The soft drape of the fabric makes another transformation, it's the creation of the pattern.

Every piece is labled,numbered and cataloged.

When the delivery of fabric arrives it's like Christmas morning! It's so beautiful and feels so luxurious, yet we can't wait to take our sharpened scissors and start extracing the shapes from the once fluid material.

The pieces are then pinned and sewn together. Slowly, with patience and persicion, she starts taking shape.

As the dress begins to take her true form she calls out for her adornments- the embellishments. Lace trims and appliques found in all parts of the world are scrutinized. Some of them are from vendors, some from antique shops and some are from the flea markets of Paris. Once the dress has selected her perfect embellishments, they are delicately applied by hand. Often times this takes hours, but it cannot be rushed it's part of the process.

Lastly, she gets "closed up". It is very rare a zipper will be used, our dresses are made with a vintage philosophy, functioning buttons are preferred. In the same manor appliques and embellishments are chosen, buttons are selected by the dress. Sometimes she chooses a traditional pearl, for Zoe however it's an intricate gold shank-button.


Zoe is completed and ready to be worn by that special bride, the bride that discovers her and recognizes all her unmistakeble qualities...

The bride herself is unmistakeable!

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