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Our Brides

Once upon a time not that long ago, a dress was born. 

No factory nor pretty pattern would give it life, but love. Almost the same amount that would give it purpose. From a seed sowed by a “not-really-like-anyone-else-at-all” bride and nourished by a mixture of artist’s imagination, the inspiration of an almost forgotten tradition and painstaking attention to detail, this dress would bloom into more than just a garment. It would become an intimate and irreproducible part of the bride herself.

"I was the 'Mother of the Bride'.  The gown she made for my daughter was beautiful.  When I called her just before the wedding and told her I wanted to make a veil for my daughter as a surprise, her response was 'No problem'.  The result was a beautiful cathedral length veil that will be a family heirloom for certain.  I (and she) were super happy!

- Kathy

"Terese was simply amazing throughout the entire process of making my dress.  She asked a lot of questions so she could understand the vision I had and went the extra mile to make it exactly what I wanted!  She knew exactly which design would work with my body type. I recommend all of my friends/clients to her that are getting married.  Thanks Terese, I love my black wedding dress!"


"Deciding to have a custom dress made for you can be scary, but Terese Rose makes the process a breeze!  Weddings can be stressful enough to plan for and deciding to have a dress made for my body took away any stress/body shame I felt trying to fit into a standard dress.  Without any hesitation I would recommend Terese Rose Designs!

- Maggie

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