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"Earth in beauty dressed awaits returning Spring" -William Butler Yeats

It's SPRING TIME!  Celebrate by slipping into something silky!

Starting today, March 20th until April 1st, all custom made

stretch silk charmeuse lounge wear is 25% off!!

In just four easy steps you can start the spring season in a little luxury.

Step One


Let's get your measurements!


Set up a private, one-on-one, consultation

to have your measurements taken.  This process is quick and we keep all measurements on file for future reference.

Step Two


Choose a style!


Select from various tried

and true styles- our chemise, bralette, panty or tap pant.

  Choose one (or two) 

that best suits your perfect luxury

lounge wear. 

Step Three


Create your design!


Choose a silk color from our wide range 

of colors.  Have fun mixing and matching

an accent lace color- pink with green? White with pink?  


You're the designer!

Step Four




Set back and wait patiently

as your perfectly designed

luxury lounge wear

arrives neatly wrapped

at your front door!



Is there any other way to start 

off this Spring Season?


Book your appointment before March 24th and receive a free matching sleep eye mask!

An essential for sleeping in on Lounge Day.