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Meet Designer

Teresa Romero

Teresa Romero started her namesake label, originally Teresa Romero Atelier in 2015, with 20+ years of design experience at various design companies.

With a focus on the power of the feminine, romanticism, and intricate details, Teresa is drawn to a time long past.  High collars and lace cuffs are conjured from the spirits of the Victorian Era, as well as the whimsy of the Belle Epoque plays influence in her designs.  Teresa Romero collaborates closely with each client to turn their fairytale vision into a romantic reality, intricately constructing every delicate and unique detail to resonate with the bride’s personality.


The Atelier

In centuries past, every wedding dress was hand-made, each one treated like a work of art, every stitch a brushstroke carefully placed to capture a portrait of the woman wearing it. Sewn by hand with craftsmanship that echoes the exquisite tradition and artful spirit of the Victorian era.


Terese Rose Designs creates one-of-a-kind bespoke dresses that illuminate the beauty and individuality of the bride and her story.  The custom designs of Terese Rose honor tradition without being limited by trends and conventions, seamlessly blending inspiration from the past and present to craft modern dresses with a history.


Each design is handmade in our studio in Downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico. Each item is produced only per order. We use high quality materials like Alençon lace and silk chiffon. We repurpose our remnants into new styles and we purchase reclaimed laces that would otherwise be disposed of.  We recycle packaging material. We value fair working conditions and stand for slow fashion.

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